Floor Epoxy Services

Unparalleled durability. Beautiful aesthetics. Simple maintenance. Bonella Painting helps customers get flooring that checks off all of the boxes. Our epoxy service is designed to make your floor last and enhance your property every step of the way!

Our Epoxy Service

Bonella Painting is proud to set the bar high on behalf of our customers. That’s why we use a global leader of specialty concrete flooring solutions.

Our team applies these innovative products to deliver the best longevity and quality for every project. We have received extensive training and certification to best bring Bonella Painting solutions to your property.


With an epoxy floor, your property has the innovation it needs to serve you – and your customers – to the highest level. Advantages include:

Customization, Durability, Safety and Sanitation.

Protect your floor and your property’s positive image with Kings of Pressure. Get your free estimate for your floor epoxy service today.

Every epoxy flooring application project starts with a preliminary inspection. This is our opportunity to make sure that your flooring is getting the best solution. We:

  • (If necessary) repair cracks and remedy worn concrete to create a level, even workspace.
  • Prepare the surface by grinding the cement so the epoxy can bond. This is the most essential step: In ensures that your epoxy surface will hold well into the future.
  • Apply floor coating across the surface area.
  • Let the surface dry, then apply a second coat.
  • Embed the selected decorative assets to the area. We install decorative flake, quartz, and reflector floors to deliver that customized look to your space.
  • Add a final non-slip, glassy finish to achieve a safe surface and polished appearance.

Our commitment to the best epoxy solution means that you always get optimal flooring performance… And quality that you can count on to last.